Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bar Harbor


In August we went to Bar Harbor and had a blast like normal. Ever year we go to Maine and have a wonderful time! We went to Bar Harbor twice this time in our trip and had a blast. We love going there and if I had it my way we would move there. It is a cute little town with shops and restaurants. All of the people are just amazing. This year we got to explore Bar Harbor a little more after visiting Acadia National Park. We ate a Geddys which was fabulous! I got mexican food because I am allergic to seafood..I know..why go to Maine if you can't eat it? Its even getting worse every time I eat it. BUT back to Geddys..if you are in the area make sure you stop and eat there. It is wonderful and the staff is awesome.

They have amazing nachos! They also have a sand bar that is only there when the tide goes out and we were able to see that for the first time! It was really awesome. People were learning to kayak while we were out there and others just drove right on out to it.

.The sandbar at Bar Harbor Maine

The shops their selves are amazing! We always stop at to get Zoey some toys to play with. They also have amazing dog treats that are healthy for your pets to eat and the staff even said they have tried them :).  They have so many places to shop there that you can spend all day there and not realize it.

Chris found this huge whale beside one of the restaurants on the piers so I forced him to pose with it :)


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