Life As Rachel

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Learn to Have Fun

Over the weekend we had a birthday party for my husband. At said party, we had a slip n slide. Now a slip n slide is super easy to make. All you need is some plastic sheets from Lowes, water and dish soap. BAM..home made slip n slide. Now, when we first set it up everyone was like nope not going down it. It took me and another friend going down the slide before anyone else would do it. The very next day I had all of my nieces over and let them play on it. The same thing happened. They would not go down it until me and my sisters went down. 

At first I was like, ok maybe they are scared, but I think it was more of a they did not want to embarrass them selves. Why are we in a time where we are so worried about what others think? Why can't we just have fun? Why can't we just let loose and forget about what others think about us? I could care less about what someone else thinks about me. We shouldn't let other peoples opinions affect our lives so much that we are scared to have fun and live in the moment. It breaks my heart that my nieces were to worried about what others would think to even try out something new before they saw others try it first.

For that is a video of me going down the slide because I just do not care! 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Hiking Old Rag Mt.

Yall..I live in one of the most beautiful places ever. Madison is amazing and I know I take it for granted on a daily basis. I am very lucky to live in the middle of the mountains and I can go for hikes, swim in the rivers and do so much whenever I want. I have lived here for almost my entire life and never once really hiked that much. 

On Saturday, the hubs, some friends and I hiked Old Rag Mountain. It is one of the hardest hikes around. It took us around 4-5 hours and it was about 7 miles long. It was a pretty decent hike. At no point did I feel like I could not do it. I was pretty confident in my self and I am so happy that I did it. I am pretty sure that me working out and losing weight helped me with it. I know I could do it again for sure. I am already looking for my next hike.

The only downfall about living somewhere so amazing, is that everyone wants to come here and hike it. I know I should love that everyone is here and enjoying it but some days, being from here, I want to enjoy it as a local with my family and friends without a ton of people around. That is just a downfall of something so amazing becoming so popular. If you ever hiked this, let me know! If you are from the area and know of some other great places to hike, let me know as well!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Recap At the Lake

I had a fabulous weekend, I just hate how quick they go by. My weekend was jam packed with stuff and I do not feel like I was at home at all. I was on the go the entire time. Saturday I went to Sharp Shoppers. If you do not know what Sharp Shoppers is or if there is none near you, you are missing out. It is a cheap grocery store. I can get an entire basket of groceries for $70-$80 and it is name brand stuff. It is not off brand. I love it! Normally I would spend $150 for that at other places. I love me some Sharp Shoppers. 

Saturday night we watched Daddy's Home which is a hilarious movie. If you have not seen it, I recommend watching it. It is worth renting. We got it from redbox and I am glad we did. Only one scene was a little crude but it was very funny. Will Ferrell always makes amazing, top notch movies. 

Yesterday, on Sunday, we spent all day on Lake Anna. Lake Anna is a massive lake around where I live. It is 17 miles long and it around a power plant. We went swimming, fishing and had a blast all day long. You can never go wrong with a day on the lake. Everyone was out there yesterday. It was packed. There was jet skis, boats, tubing, kayaks, just about every type of water craft out there. 

The only bad part about being out in the sun all day is I am so pale that I have lather on sun screen every other hour so I never get tan and I have to try to not get cooked like a lobster either. It is a fun game that I get to play. 

I am hoping this week goes by fast as I am tired from my busy weekend and I am ready to hit the gym hard tonight!