Wednesday, February 22, 2017

My Hair Journey

I have been trying to grow my hair out over the last few years. I had long hair for awhile and I cut it off in frustration. I regret that day every day as growing it back out has been a pain in the ass. I have wanted super long hair for years since then and I have never been able to get it to grow past a certain length. This is mostly my own fault. I have for years, used a flat iron on my hair. I know how horrible they are for your hair and I have still used one. I finally cut it out. I am back to straightening my hair with a round brush and blow dryer and I hope to cut out the blow dryer eventually. I need to also get trims on a more regular basis as well.

So here is a nice history in my hair.  I figured a nice timeline of photos would be sufficient. I will start with the day I chopped the hair off.

 This was over the past few years. Now below is today. I must say, the hair game is good today!


I have recently started a once a week coconut oil mask on my hair. I did that last night and my hair loved it! I can tell it will help my hair a lot. I only did the bottom where all of the damage is from the flat iron. I am also in need a trim, I know! I can see it in the picture above. If you have any good tips for growing out your hair, Let me know! I could use them!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Weekend Recap

Can we talk about how amazing the weather was in Virginia over the weekend? Holy moly. It is February but feels like April/May. We have been having 60-70 degree days and I am loving it. I know it means global warming but weather, please stay. Mr. Groundhog, you were wrong about your winter prediction.

1. I went out for drinks and a movie with the girls. We saw the new Fifty Shades Darker. I will say I do like it but the books are much much much better. Do not knock the movie until you atleast give it a chance.

2. Over the weekend, was the year anniversary from when I met and got to work out with Thomas Rhett. I put a post on Instagram about it and how it helped kick start my weight loss and how I am 40 pounds down. Well, Thomas Rhett actually commented on it and that really made my day yesterday.

3. I took Willow to the vet for her second round of puppy shots. She did really good and is growing super fast. She is 20 pounds already and hates walking on a leash. She has been a little sore since the vet appointment and I am hoping it is just the shots. 

Other than that, I enjoyed my weekend, cleaned house and had the windows open because it is so damn nice here in Central Virginia. I hope everyone else is getting this amazing weather like we are!!

Problems with Subway

You guys..I do not really have words for this video. You just need to watch it. It will speak for itself. #problemswithsubway.