Life As Rachel

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Back to the Basics.

Lately in ole blog land, I have noticed a lot of bloggers are conforming to the same standard. Back when I first started blogging, it seemed that people were more honest, authentic and original with their post and ideas. Every post was not about making money or selling a product to you. It wasn't about pitching some idea and trying to get internet famous off of it. It was simpler. Blogging was a fun hobby. It was not a job. It was not a career. It was an outlet for expressing yourself, your thoughts and your ideas. 

Now a days in blog land, every thing is the same. All the pictures have to be artistically staged. They have to have 20 filters applied to them before they can be posted and lord forbid you actually post a picture with something not photo shopped or edited online. Everything is photographed with a white background with one or two things purposely laid around them. Everything is staged to perfection and everything looks flawless. There is nothing wrong with this but over the years, either you fell into this style of blogging or you stopped blogging. I have lost a ton of blogs that I love because they just stopped blogging. They gave up. They quit.

Blogging has gotten to complicated. For awhile, I fell out of love with it. I was not one of the "cool" bloggers and to this day, I still am not. I do not spend hours on my photography or my blog. It is my hobby and I spend time on it when I can. I do not post every single day and some times I only post 2-3 times a week. I would prefer to post amazing content 2-3 times a week than shitty content 5-6 times a week. I hate how people have tried to make this such a big business. I do agree with posting some branded content once in awhile because yes, money is nice, but not every post. I have about 2 post, maybe if that, a month that is sponsored. Past that, it is all me. Everything I post is from me. I do not go around stealing ideas or checking out other bloggers and trying to copying them like some do. I post what I feel like. I post what I think means something to me. Who cares if it means something to someone else as long as it speaks to me? My blog is more of a diary for me than it is anything else. If someone reads it and is able to relate to it and loves  it, that is awesome. That means that there is still someone out there, like me, on the same level as me and same thinking as me. 
Now this does not mean I am against popular bloggers or big bloggers. Props to them to take hours out of their lives to photograph the right angle for a picture and make sure their content is just perfect for their blog. I do not have the time nor the patience for that. I prefer smaller blogs. Blogs that speak from the heart. Blogs that are honest and there for you. Blogs that are not fake. Blogs that are real and speak the truth. 
I promise to never turn into one of those bloggers. If you ever think I am, please tell me. I never want to be a blogger that pushes products in every post or tries to sell my e-course or something. I think blogging needs to go back to blogging. Just writing your feelings, your day to day stuff and how your life is going. It need's to go back to the basics. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Miranda Lambert Concert #4

Over the weekend I was able to go see Miranda Lambert and Kip Moore in concert at the WMZQ Fest in Virginia. I entered a local contest with our radio here and I actually won the tickets. I have pretty good luck when it comes to winning tickets over the radio, I probably just jinxed myself though.
This was my 4th time seeing Miranda Lambert in concert and 2nd time seeing Kip Moore. I took my best friend with me and it was her 7th time seeing Miranda Lambert.  She is the one who turned me on to Miranda Lambert. I sort of liked her but then when we became best friends she got me to love her and since then, I have had the biggest girl crush on Miranda Lambert. I would die if I could meet her..10 seconds and a hug is all I need. 
The concert was really good even though the weather sucked. It was rainy the entire day and the parking lot was a mud pit. The sun never came out and it got super cold before the night was over. A girl in front of us decided to puke and the couple beside had their kids with them. They also did not buy seats for their kids which meant their kids were constantly in our way and poor Jess, they kept touching her and sneezing on her. Me, being the bad friend I am, did not offer to switch seats with her!
The venue was nice besides the weather. It was a little of the priciest I have ever been to. I had to pay $15.00 for a beer which is insane because I can get a case of beer for that price! I am not sure if I will ever go back there but it was an amazing day with my best friend!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tips for Being a Healthier You!

For me, being in shape is a top priority right now. I am focusing on me this year and losing weight to be a happier and healthier me. Back in March, I joined a small gym where I live. I have went from 195ish to 180 in a few months. I hate how heavy I was and I was sad and disgusted with myself for letting me get to that point. 

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I wanted to share a few tips/pointers on how I am managing my weight loss and how I am losing weight.

1. Workout! I find going to the gym helps me the most. I try to workout 5 nights a week for at least an hour. I added weights into my routine and I have really seen a difference in myself and my body since March.

2. Eat healthier. I know this is a no-brainer but for some people, they do not realize how unhealthy certain foods really are. I do not eat fast food. If I go out to a restaurant, I get healthier options. I no longer snack on chips and candy. If I have a salad, I get the dressing on the side so its not drenched on my salad. 

3. Get up and move. Stay active. I work a desk job and sitting down all day is not good for me. I have a Fitbit so that helps me some with moving around. Every hour it tells me to get up and walk at least 250 steps. I try to get in 10,000 steps a day so every bit of movement helps me. I walk to my car from work everyday which is a good 10-15 minute walk as well as cardio at the gym. If you are debating on getting a Fitbit, do it. It helps me stay motivated.

4. Indulge. I know that sounds backwards but for me, if I want ice cream or a snack, I let myself have it. I do not binge eat on it and I do not deprive myself. I find that the longer I deprive myself of a craving, the worst off I am when I finally eat that food. If I want a slice of cake, I will have a small slice. It is all about portion control.

5. Get your family/friends involved. I find that I do better when I have a friend or family member with me when I am working out and plus, everyone could use a little time to work on their selves as well.

6. Have FUN activities. I run 5ks and OCR races year round. For me, they are a blast. They are a way to be active, healthy and also..they are so much fun. I always run them with friends and it helps me stay motivated. 

7. Set Goals! I set a goal a few weeks ago to hit 180 before the beach and I made it. My next goal is to be 170 before July 4th. This is a completely realistic goal and there is no reason why I shouldn't make it there. I find making goals for myself, helps keep me responsbile for my own actions.
8. Do not give up! If you have a bad day and eat wrong the entire day and do not workout, do not give up. Start over the next day. Do not let one bad day ruin your weight loss journey. 

I pick losing weight.
What are some things you are doing to stay active, healthy and work on a better you? Let me know!!