Life As Rachel

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Little Boasting.

I feel like all I ever post about is my weight loss but right now, that is what is going on in my life. I am really focusing on it and trying to push myself to hit my goals. I feel like I am a stop in my weight loss as the scale is not moving anymore but I feel like my body is still changing so I am not getting discouraged at all! I am loving the changes and happy to see the weight coming off.

I feel like my ankles are smaller and my stomach is starting to get a little flatter. My face is a lot slimmer. I no longer have a double chin so that is a big plus!! My arms have a good bit more definition than they used to. Before they were just flab and now they are actually a little bit of muscle. Taking a picture of it is somewhat hard. It never shows how awesome it really looks so hopefully as it gets better, the pictures get better. 

This picture below just about haunts me now. The left was November 2015. I don't really remember taking the picture. I only found it when I was clearing out some pictures from my phone the other night. I decided to put that same tank top back on and see how it fit again. I'm not even sure what I weighed on the left. I am assuming it was around 195-200. A lot of people kept saying online when I posted this on Facebook/Instagram that they did not remember me ever being this big, well it is amazing what you can do when you suck it in people! I am so glad I decided to get rid of this weight.

I now need to get rid of another 15 pounds and go from there. I would love to be 155 or 150 but I want to be realistic. I am going to be happy with 160 but I want to push to be 155 so I am going to keep going and not give up!!! Losing weight is tough and hard. It is mental as well as physical and I am the only one who can make myself do this.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

Why must the weekends go by so fast? I mean honestly, they just fly by and we do not get to enjoy them as much as we always want to. Why can't we have 4 day works weeks and 3 day weekends? Who can we petition to get this going? I mean, other countries probably already do this. We need to jump on board already.

On Saturday I decided to try this new grocery store that is located around Virginia called Sharp Shoppers. It is a discount grocery store. I was a little scared at first but once I got there I was excited. I was not sure if they would have name brand stuff or not but they did. The only thing I made sure to do was check out the expiration dates to make sure everything was good to go. I only spent $77.00 there and left with an entire cart of groceries. 
We also went to the fair on Saturday night. It rained like crazy and it was a mud pit. I am not a fan of mud unless I am crawling in it for a OCR run so having to walk in it and getting my boots dirty was not a fun time. I felt horrible for the kids that were wearing sandals. One of the hardest parts about the fair was the food. They had some amazing deep fried glorious food that I had to say NO to. I already ate some what bad over the weekend and I needed to be strong! 

Sunday was a lazy day. I did go to a tent sale and get a few odd and end things for the house and I tried to Pokemon hunt but I ran out of balls and well, you can't hunt with no balls! I am pretty sure people thought I was crazy at Plow and Hearth when I started yelling at my phone! 

Let's hope this week goes by fast because I need the weekend to come back!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Randoms on a Wedneday

I was not sure what to post today so I figured I would go with a few randoms on a Wednesday! I mean, why not? 
1. Pokemon Go...I fell into the trap. I never ever liked Pokemon growing up. I still do not like Pokemon but this app is actually fun to play. I could care less about the game it self. I just honestly like trying to find the little creatures. I like walking around and finding them. That makes me weird, I know.

2. Gym. I feel so guilty lately when I do not make it to the gym. I haven't been in about 3 days. I have a head cold and figured I should provably not push my self but I am pretty sure I am going to be there tonight. I am scared to death about gaining any of my weight back.

3. Big Brother. I love this show but this season just isn't doing it for me. I'm just not loving all of the house guest. Only about 3 of them are really good. The rest are just ehhh. Dang it. I want to love this season but I am not. 
4. Vacation. We are not going to Maine again this year (bummer) so I think we need to plan a vacation somewhere around Virginia. Any ideas would be great! 
5. Allergies. My allergies have kicked my butt this past week. I can't stop sneezing. My head is congested. I feel run down. I hate being allergic to every piece of grass, pollen and tree. It sucks.  
At least today is Hump Day! Let's hope my allergies clear up and I get in a better mood!