Monday, May 8, 2017

7 Years Together

Today marks 7 years being married to my husband. This day was one of the best days in my entire life. I could not imagine life without my crazy, wacky, redneck husband. Our marriage is not one of perfection or perfect little stories. We have had our ups and downs over the years. We are far from perfect and we do not put up a front to pretend that we are. We argue and bicker over the dumbest things sometimes but at the end of the day, we love each over and that is all that matters.

Over the past 7 years, we have gotten married, built a house, bought vehicles, gotten 3 dogs, and done so much more that I would not have enough time to write it all down. Our marriage is a journey and I love the way it is going. We are  on a roller coaster and I am thankful for those bad times when the roller coaster goes down because when it comes back up the hill, those bad times help me look bad and say you know what, those made us stronger and helped us see past things. It helped us became a better united front. 

Chris is a unique character. He is very country. He likes thing a certain way and can be a part OCD. He will clean all of the house except he will not load the dishwasher or make the bed. I can live with that because I hate cleaning the toilets and taking out the trash. We compliment each other. He has supported me through my weight loss journey, he doesn't mind that I love going to all of these different OCR/5k's races and that I play on multiple soft balls teams.

I am pretty sure Chris is my soul mate. We got married one time and one time only. We are not calling it quits over fights. We work through our problems and we find a way to fix issues. We are meant to be and I would not take back a single day with this man. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Willow Update

We got Willow back in January and I had posted about her here. Well since then..that little tiny puppy has grown so much. She is not longer a little ball of fur. She is the most hyper dog I have ever seen. She has a completely different personality than our other two dogs and it took us awhile to adjust to her and for her to adjust to us. She was so used to running around and ruling the roost as she was the only female in her litter and then she came to our home, where it is only female dogs.

At first she got snapped at ..a lot. She peed and pooped everywhere. She would whine constantly. I had to sleep with her on the couch for 3 weeks before she even wanted to sleep in her crate alone. Every night she would crawl up and cuddle on my neck like a cat. I miss those days. Now she is a whopping 41 pounds and still growing at 5 months old. She is finally house broken. She will go to the door and sit until you realize she is there or will whine very loudly until you hear her. She makes sure you know what she wants. If she is hungry, she will go to her food bowl and knock it around and make as much noise as possible.

We have a routine down every day. She has to be with me in the bathroom when I get ready for work. She likes to chew on my bathrobe. I know I shouldn't let her, but it keeps her quiet and is whatever. Recently I keep catching her drinking out the toilet. This is a first for me. I have never had a dog do this. She has water in her bowl at all times. I am not sure why she does this but it is driving me insane. I am trying to keep the lids closed and the bathroom doors shut because toilet water and my puppy..nope.

We are having her spayed next month. I don't want puppies nor do I want her to have a heat cycle. I am pretty sure I couldn't handle that. I would go insane if that happened or if she had puppies. This little dog is amazing and I am so glad we got her. I couldn't imagine live with out this little cuddle bug. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Hard Cider Run Recap

I ran the Hard Cider Run over the weekend for the 3rd time. This race for me, is one of the harder races I actually run in. In Charlottesville it has this huge hill up a mountain you get to go up between mile 1 and 2 and to be honest, if you can run up that beast, more power to you because after losing so much weight, this was first time I was even able to walk super fast up it without stopping.

The race was 3 miles/5k. I went in the first wave, the 9:00 A.M. heat. That is a runners only wave. I never go in that wave but figured why not. This was my second race since losing so much weight. I was able to run all of it (except said previous hill) and it felt amazing. I had a good pace and stamina the entire time until the very end. I did lose my speed and energy right at the end before the finish line and had to really push myself to finish and not walk but I did it and it felt great.

 The big thing that was good was it did not rain on Saturday morning. It was calling for downpours and we missed it. It held off until the afternoon so we got to run in a nice cool morning which was great because once I got running, I was burning up. 

My time was around 40 minutes. The first year I ever ran it was in 2015 and my time was 57 minutes and last year in 2016 it was 45 minutes. I am hoping next year in 2018 I can get it under 39 minutes. 

Don't forget you can still use the code RACHEL1 for $5.00 off you registration to the Hard Cider Run. Let me know if you are running or have ran the race. I would love to know your thoughts on it!!.